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Mission and values

Moranbah State School promotes learning, creativity and innovation. High expectations, equality, inclusiveness and the building of social capital are key features of our school. We believe all children should have the opportunity to achieve success, regardless of their socio economic status, culture, gender and/or ability.

The 'Quad A' program is based on respect and responsibility of the students and the wider school community.

Each child has the opportunity to succeed in each or all of the following:

  • Achievement
  • Acceptance
  • Attitude
  • Attendance


  • Positive work habits
  • Manners and respect
  • Pride in self and the school community
  • Willingness to participate
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Genuinely attempts to complete work


  • Empathy towards others
  • Takes turns
  • No bullying/teasing reports
  • Willing to include others
  • 5Cs (care, consideration, cooperation, courtesy and common sense)
  • Accepts others within our unique school community


  • Respects self, others, school, teachers and the school community
  • Always tries for their personal best
  • Accepts responsibility for their actions
  • Demonstrates self-control
  • Accepts defeat graciously
  • Good general behaviour
  • Improve behaviour throughout the term
  • Respects own and others’ property


  • Good organisational skills
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Preparations for school (brings school equipment e.g hat, library bag, notes)
  • Keeps commitments (attending scheduled events)