​​​Enrolment Management Plan

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is responsible for providing facilities to meet the educational needs of students residing within a school's catchment area. 

A School Enrolment Management Plan (School EMP) is introduced in a state school which is nearing its Student Enrolment Capacity. In order to ensure sufficient facilities are available for in-catchment students, Principals of these schools are required to restrict the enrolments from out-of-catchment students. 

Schools are required to implement a School EMP when enrolments reach 80% of the school's Student Enrolment Capacity. A school's Student Enrolment Capacity is the number of students the school can accommodate within the existing learning spaces in the school.

Please refer to the catchment area to see if you are/will be living in our current zone.  

Moranbah Catchment Zone

Enquiries regarding new enrolments are to be made at the office to the administration staff. All applications for enrolment must be made on the 'application for student enrolment' form below.  

Interviews with the Principal or Deputy Principal, prior to the starting date, are a part of the enrolment process.    

Please bring the following documents with you to the enrolment interview:  

Enrolment form and permissions

  • Proof of current address
  • Any relevant medical reports (if applicable) 
  • Visa/passport details (if applicable) 
  • Birth certificate

Download our enrolment forms here:

MSS Enrolment agreement plus all permissions.pdf

​Download the Booklist relevant here:

2022 Prep Booklist.pdf

2022 Year 1 Booklist.pdf

2022 Year 2 Booklists.pdf

2022 Year 3 Booklist.pdf

2022 Year 4 Booklist.pdf

2022 Year 5 Booklist.pdf

2022 Year 6 Booklist.pdf

School records  

Records are maintained on every child attending the school. Should you have a change of address, telephone number etc. it is essential that you advise the office immediately so that our records might be kept up to date, particularly so that we can contact parents when illness or accidents occur. It is very important that each family provides us with a current emergency contact phone number. This can be a friend or relative of the family and is used in emergencies when we cannot reach you by normal means.  

Official school records show the child's legal name (as recorded on their birth certificate).  must be recorded. The legal name will appear on the semester report, however, at the parents request, the preferred name can be used. The preferred name only will be used on internal school documents such as class rolls. 


The first year of school in Queensland is the preparatory (prep) year. To be eligible for prep, a child must turn five years old by 30 June in the year they intend to commence prep. Parents have the flexibility to delay their child’s entry to prep if they feel their child is not ready. Early entry to prep is not allowed unless a child has already started a prep program overseas or interstate and meets other conditions.   

Parents must provide a copy of the birth certificate before the child starts prep. 

Custody issues  

In all cases where a parent claims 'sole custody' a current Family Court Order must be presented. A further copy must be presented with each 'update' of the order. Please be aware, that where family break-ups occur, a custody order should be presented to the school by the custodial parent at the time of enrolment or when the order is issued. Otherwise, we are unable to comply with parental requests to deny access to non-custodial parents.   

All parents: custodial and non-custodial, are entitled, under Family Law, to be issued with school reports unless the Family Court Order specifically prohibits it.  

If a non-custodial makes such a request of the school, the school after getting proof of identity will release the information to that parent.  

How are year level placements for students determined? 

The age of the student is one criterion used by Queensland schools to make decisions about year level placement. Schools also take into consideration the work undertaken by the student in their previous school, and the student’s attributes such as social and emotional competence, physical development and level of knowledge and understanding.

Last reviewed 13 December 2021
Last updated 13 December 2021