Student services and support programs


​Supporting students

We support our students through a collaborative approach. Teachers collect and analyse data on student learning outcomes and identify students who require support or extension. Teachers differentiate the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to best meet the needs of the range of students in their classrooms. Identified students are referred to the social justice committee, where decisions are made about what targeted support is to be provided to the student.

Students may be:

  • catered for through differentiation practices in the classroom
  • supported through targeted literacy programs: ELF; PMAP; OLLEY, Morning reading program
  • referred to the social justice committee
  • identified as requiring and Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) in order to meet the needs of extra support or extension.

Kids Matter

Moranbah State School is a “Kids Matter” School.  We have a committee made up of school leadership, teachers and teacher aides that drive the program across the school.  A major role of this team is to run lunchtime groups for students that require support socially.  These groups occur every day across the school, and all students are invited, however some students are referred by their classroom teacher.

Another aspect to this program is the school has whole school focuses in relation to social behaviour.  These social skills are announced on parade by the Deputy Principal, and these skills are discussed in class and in the playground in order to reinforce the target behaviour.

Student Council

At Moranbah State School there is a strong focus on student leadership.  The student Council is made up of 2 class captains from each class year 3 – 5, year 6 leaders and 4 School Captains.  The Student Council meets every Monday morning to discuss ways to support their fellow students.

One role these students play is to run lunchtime activities and offer lunchtime support across the school.  Each day there are student leaders working in their break to support students in need and run games to help engage students.

Supporting parents 

Parents are important stakeholders in the education of our children. We have provided a range of resources for parents to access for support. We endeavour to provide parents with learning opportunities to support the educational outcomes of their children.

As a parent if you feel you need support, please feel free to speak to your class teacher or any member of the administration team.  Staff at Moranbah State School, are committed to supporting our parents.

Below are some helpful parent newsletters available for download.

Last reviewed 25 October 2022
Last updated 25 October 2022